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Melissa Parenti, Ed.D. & Cherese Childers-McKee, Ph. D. are Assistant Teaching Professors and Action Research Doctoral Curriculum Leads in the Graduate School of Education in the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. Melissa and Cherese are leading a new call for papers (CFP) as associate editors for ARJ. 

Deadline for papers is October 1.  Link to the Call for Papers here.

Melissa writes: 

“The special issue  looks to address how we are navigating the teaching of ART in our community based and institutional systems of education. What are the methodological, social, political, and artistic elements of this global, dynamic work?

We associate spring with growth and renewal. As we launch our Call for Papers for a Special Issue in the Action Research Journal, our vision is similarly spring-like. We see the growth of Action Research for Transformation (ART) as a human-centered, valid, and evolving research approach for educators. We want to know more about how to cultivate, renew, and teach the practice of this work. 

Our vision is that this Education based special issue will serve budding researchers. Our hope is therefore to facilitate honest, supportive conversation about how ART is taught, in both formal and informal settings. 

We are curious educators and researchers who want to know how you are teaching others to embrace Action Research as a methodology capable of harvesting a more sustainable, just world. What does the essence of this “instruction” look and sound like in the wide array of landscapes in which it is evolving? We want to know more about what’s practical and impractical, visible and invisible, as well as the scientific and natural evolution of the process. We’re also  curious to learn how advocacy is shaped as ART and used to solve real world problems.

We invite you to join us, and our international guest-editor team, on this exciting journey as we uncover how we teach ART around the world and how we educate others to “grow” action research as a powerful, credible methodology moving forward.

Deadline for paper is October 1.  Link to the Call for Papers here.

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