Reciprocity in eco-relationship

In eco-relational meditation, inspired by a quote shared by a friend on Earth Day, we are invited to contemplate reciprocity with the natural world. Ilaria Di Stefano, who leads eco-meditation** explains…“with Ada Limón, current US poet laureate, we notice:

“Oh, it isn’t just me looking. It is the world and the trees and the grasses and the birds looking back. [. . .] it‘s our work together to see one another.”*

“As we explore this “work” together in meditation, our circle expands to include the natural elements surrounding us.

To touch into the reciprocity with the natural world, particularly feeling deep companionship with a plant, the trees, and the breeze, brings tears of joy and kinship. As we “see one another,” we get embodied glimpses of life lived in reciprocity. Of life growing by constantly serving new life, in an ever-generative celebration of belonging. In that deep learning, logics of extraction and exploitation viscerally feel an aberration.

Our full-body experience becomes an invitation to continue the inquiry into reciprocity with nature as an embodied practice. How do we see and engage with the natural world around us? How do we treasure and put to fruition the creativity of those moments of felt sensed reciprocity? What would be possible if we allowed our life and our leadership to be naturally informed by reciprocity? 

**Join us in discovery together! eco-relational meditation is offered twice weekly. Register to get the zoom links.