Earth for All. Review by Chris Riedy

The image, from the Stockholm Resilience Center, shows of 9 planetary limits (e.g., soil productivity, aka food availability, climate change, ocean warming etc) 6 have been crossed in less than a decade. This is not good news and it’s likely to get worse. When so much needs to transform, where do we start?

How can we, as action researchers, connect our emancipatory, grassroots work with the big global transformations needed to bring forth a just, harmonious and thriving world?

Professor of Sustainability at UT Sydney, Chris Riedy, reviews a 2022 publication – with supporting website – by the Club of Rome called Earth for All. Chris writes, “Framed as ‘a survival guide for humanity’, Earth for All calls for ‘five extraordinary policy turnarounds’: ending poverty; addressing gross inequality; empowering women; making our food system healthy for people and ecosystems; and transitioning to clean energy. It is ‘an aspirational, stubbornly optimistic guide to the future’ (p. 26). It argues that action on these five big issues could give us the momentum we need to transform the economy in support of sustainability. Action researchers can help to give this agenda momentum by bringing it into our conversations with citizens and facilitating spaces for dialogue and agonism.

Read the full review at the forever link: 

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