Building knowledge democracy from the university: a case study in Spain

blog post by Emilio Lucio-Villegas

The main aim of this article is to describe a singular experience in the University of Seville, Spain which connects universities and communities. It is a descriptive paper which strives to explore the work done to break the gap between universities and people in communities. This work starts from Freire’s ideas about teaching and learning as two steps of the process of creating knowledge.

community event at the university

community event at the university

Two questions are the basis of this work. The first is related to the social role of universities as specialised institutions looking to train young people to become them employable. But, we ask, What about the education to become person? A second element is related to the idea that universities should encourage a kind of research excellence often seen in privates companies. We ask, what is it about research that people living in communities need in order to come together and join to their neighbors?

This work is about knowledge democracy and the responsibilities that higher education institutions must take to guarantee that people, communities, have access and the ability to produce their own knowledge derived from their own experiences. We found that this can be done by going out to the university or by organising community events in singular spaces inside the university. Learn more about this by reading the article and continue our conversation in the AR+ Forums. emilio

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Emilio Lucio-Villegas

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