Designing and writing ART coLAB

Co-lab meetings on-line, starting May 26th 2021 (no July meeting)** 

Could a community of practice help support your Action-oriented Research for Transformations (ART) design, proposal writing, and/or publication development? This co-lab is  premised on the idea that action research for transformations has (unique) features that require something more than conventional proposal design and article writing. 

We invite scholar-practitioners who are engaged on their own journey in action researching - from design to publication - to find community in practicing together. We welcome all like spirited and acknowledge the value of different labels we use, e.g., co-production, PAR, Action Research, ART, etc. 

Each session highlights one participant’s work. Over the course of the co-lab sessions, and in between, we aim to structure the work so we move from early in the design phase to drafting papers for publication.  

This is a partnership between AR+, Jönköping Academy and Center for coproduction at Jönköping University, and Uni. Technology Sydney.  

In this video clip Sofia and Hilary share intentions for the coLAB

Co-lab online on Wednesdays. Starts May 26th 2021 at Coordinated Universal Time/UTC 06.00** 

Co-lab sessions are 75-90 mins. Expect (optional) focused small group meetings and drafting dyads between each co-lab sessions.  We plan to meet monthly - except in July and December. To get underway we will meet at UTC 06.00,  that is Sydney 16.00; Sweden 08.00; San Francisco 23.00 (-1 day, Tuesday May 11th).  **If this time proves unworkable for some participants who sign up (esp those who live in the Americas) you may trust that we are open to re-organizing the meeting start time (to either UTC 20.00 or UTC 13.00) once we establish what's doable for all involved.  Questions: Register at the button below. 

Additional Wednesdays to hold:  26th May; 23rd June;  Aug 25th; Sep 22; Oct 27; Nov 17; Jan 19. 

Healthcare Co-production is a practice of "with-nessing" between healthcare professionals and patients.  This coLAB invites all types of action researching/ART, regardless of preferred label.

Key in the process of Action-oriented Research for Transformations (aka ART and feel free to insert your favorite action oriented label, e.g., co-production...) is that people are transformed from passive recipients, or all knowing experts, to equal partners in the design, delivery and evaluation of services together. This is not your father’s conventional research. New questions therefore abound. How do we write with our stakeholders?  What does awareness of the need for transparency and reflexivity require in practice? What is just “my” perspective  versus what helps account for new knowledge co-creation?

Vertical Development

The intention and inquiries of the Co-lab: 

We aspire to emerging an intimate and supportive space in which we’ll support your innovative design, proposal writing, stakeholder experiments and publication drafts. We’ll also learn about each others compelling examples around the world. We expect that participants will be working in different spaces and places  - that’s the value of a community practice.

Some of the inquiries we think important include:

  • How do we design for transformational change?, 
  • How do researchers write together with stakeholders who are non-academics?, 
  • How do we share partnership in different steps of the process?
  • How do we upshift from reflection to reflexivity?  
  • What does reflexivity mean in the practice of writing?
  • How do we integrate 1st and 2nd perspectives in our work?

The structure for the Co-lab: 

In each co-lab session we make one participant’s work central (with advance preparation). This is intended to help deepen all our practice.  The focus will move from early in design stages to drafts for publication.  We expect to touch base on what was improved as a consequence of our session. Through this we provide a community of practice.  Given the new emphasis on reflexivity we’ll also invite inquiry and experimentation about inner landscape of the self as a space that can open up with others in service of creative, rather than reactive, systems change.

The first session is TBD 90 mins which aims to finalize a co-design for our work together. 

In between sessions, supportive trio’s meet — organized by stage of their work. Here's a general outline of an online co-lab session:

  • Each Co-lab session highlights a different participant's experiences and allows for small group and plenary discussion to complete their own learning cycle (experience, reflection, action). 
  • Sessions focus on identifying key research design elements, and how to keep an eye on multiple elements throughout, such as stakeholder (dis)engagement; choosing appropriate, participative, methodologies, drafting and offering feedback on others drafts.

Prof. Tetsu Hirasawa, Chuo University, Japan joined our first coLAB in 2020 and reflects:

"Attending the CoProduction and Writing coLAB was a very valuable learning experience. It led me to think more deeply about power and my developmental reflexivity. I found myself taking "power over" for granted in my everyday life. But through the coLAB, I became more eager for the change into "power with.” 

In addition, as a researcher, I have been trained to understand the "others." On the other hand, I have viewed my understanding of myself as secondary to my research. In the coLAB, however, I explored my history of reflexivity. This provided a great opportunity to re-examine who I am as a researcher, my research agenda, and my role in society. Now I am seeking to expand the narrower scope of my identity as a researcher.

The instructors' and fellow participants' feedback on my draft papers provided an important chance for me to reflect on how I can improve my writing. I am very delighted to obtain such thoughtful and careful feedbacks. The coLAB looks like "a learning organization". I hope that as this activity expands, the action research community will grow and have an even more profound impact on society.” - Prof. Tetsu Hirasawa.

Participation in all AR+ co-labs is by donation.
AR+ suggested donation: $975/$450 (for reduced income with AR+ TUBS application).

Register your place at the button below!

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