COP 26 visions and stories.

Young girl holding a protest sign while standing in front of a large pile of waste.


COP 26 just finished in Glasgow.

Greta Thunberg – the face of young often female activists outside the conference –  thought the men in suits inside the conference were underperforming.

Still there’s no question that climate change is now firmly on the world’s political agenda. 



What is the world we imagine is coming our way? What is the world we want to help form, shape and co-construct?  How is that co-construction happening in our ART/ Action Research for Transformations? Two books have just appeared:

Paul Hawken just published Regeneration: Ending the climate change in one generation. Its vision presumes way more participative change – of self and system – than we have seen so far.  It is a human centric vision, in which we are part of nature. It’s a book that is much in the same spirit as ART.

Our own Stephen Divecha, associate editor with ARJ, is one of 82 contributors to Stories from 2030. The stories address: climate justice, collaboration across countries, companies and communities, adaptation of cities and economies, of ecosystems and biodiversity, of health and wellbeing. Many contributors are unsung heroes delivering immeasurable progress for world. Some have a bigger stage, such as Bill McKibben. They write about what’s helping across business, innovation, finance, journalism, politics, storytelling and the environment.More about – and to purchase – Stories from 2030: