Community intervention in urban areas: a youth driven initiative (CIUA)

Young people have something to say about degraded urban areas. They in fact have innovative ideas that can be applied to specific situations of urban degradation. When creativity related to artistic practice can be connected to innovative thinking, there may be important changes that can be accomplished.

Photo credit: O Teatrão

This article explores examples of youth intervention in urban areas through artistic practices, in Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. We wish to explore the role of younger generations through a change of paradigm, by developing alternatives of intervention, through Participant Action Research (PAR) approaches and through the exploration of its connections with artistic practice and the cultural field in general. We wish that research and policies may be directly inspired by this work, bringing the perspective of young generations to the forefront of innovative strategies of urban intervention through artistic practice.

Blog post by Claudia Carvahlo

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