Community Gathering 2019

AR+ Transformations Gathering


AR+ Transformations Gathering is a community organizing space, designed by and for those committed to action oriented transformations research. Our gathering convenes a new global community to enable creative interaction around the question of how to do science/learning with stakeholders. The Gathering convenes scholars and practitioners. In this short clip Steve emphasizes core principles

Because you're engaged in creating transformative knowledge, emphasizing participation, (self-) inquiry, action and deeper values orientation, you belong! We see our transdisciplinary work not only as an alternative, but also as a complement, to conventional ways of doing "objective" science. We want our research to be more useful in the crises of sustainability; we need our collaborations connected up.

What we'll accomplish:

  • For ourselves:
    • Finding “tribe.”
    • Learning new leading practices with new collaborators.
    • Feeling nourished & empowered as an action oriented transformative knowledge creator (bring your yoga mat!)
  • With one another, together:
    • GULP: A Global Unifying (university, ubuntu) Learning Platform: A sandbox experiment in support of SDGs.
    • Defining and developing action-oriented research projects to cohere and advance our collective work, e.g., action oriented transformative knowledge creation manifesto, funding steps together to enable our efforts.

Come, be part of shaping this community! 

Because our global community has not been connected up to date, we welcome like-hearted scholars, practitioners and activists to connect, to feel replenished and find new strengths for our next experiments in a global learning community. Our unusual emphasis on community building calls you to participate as a founder/co-generator of a new proto-community which will take form  during the AR+ Transformations Gathering and continue afterwards.

When you sign up we invite you to share your personal and community intentions. We also invite you to consider, with us, what can we accomplish together. These intentions and aspirations are the seeds of our learning community; they are the input to our co-design.

As with everything at AR+, our work is made possible by partners' contributions and donations. If the suggested donations are an obstacle for you/your community, we invite you to apply for a sponsoring scholarship. Please be in touch directly with Hilary and or Steve

The venue for our first Gathering is at Chalmers U. Johanneberg Campus.  Gothenburg, Sweden, is situated on the sea. This west coast city was recently celebrated as the #1 sustainable destination city.  We'll meet in the bright "Vera's Lawn," named for Sweden's first woman engineer - (see map: address: Vera Sandbergs allé 8). This is a new venue designed for innovation events at the university.  The campus is situated on excellent public transport. It is quite walkable to central Gothenburg and the hip Haga neighborhood, with other historical sites nearby.   When you register you may sign up on a list for those seeking room-mates. AirBnB may be a good option and we've put some rooms on hold at two nearby hotels, both bookable with the following codes up at least through our registration deadline in late January:  Hotel Poseidon. (Code: CHI / 184 176, price: 850 SEK) and Hotel Panorama (price SEK 990, Code: Code : 2028GR013480).

Current Members of AR+
Register here if your organization is a current AR+ member -i.e., your organizational logo is on our knowledge democracy action page.

Contribution is $350
(includes up to 2 participants)
AR+ Transformations Community Founders
Represent your community at this community organizing event. Continuity in our effort is key. Funds left over from the event will seed our new community's development around priority activities we determine together. 

We encourage you to have (at no extra cost) additional colleagues to attend by video - to help build your "home" community.

Contribution is $995 
(includes up to 2 participants)
You see value in joining the community but do not (yet) have organizational support. We see value in having you with us as we don't quite know what is the requisite mix needed for our new community. Come join us!

Contribution is $590
(numbers are limited)
Live Video & Recorded Materials
Attend the live daily community reflection meetings at start and/or close of our days by video conference. Those choosing this option will also have access to all shareable materials from the conference including recordings. Think of this as an experiment in "tele-dialogue."
Note: Our gathering happens in CET (Swedish) timezone.  

Contribution is $195 
Free Pre-Gathering Webinars 
We have four free webinars in January and February 2019 to help us warm up for the AR+Transformations Gathering.

Each webinar starts at 08.00am PT/11am ET/4pm UK/5pm CET. 75 minutes.

  1. Jan. 16. Transformation & Action Research. Discuss the challenges, the politics, the promise with lead discussant: Dr. Million Belay.
  2. Jan. 30th.  #MeThree: Discuss how we invite historically marginalized and/or suppressed voices of experience (including our own) into collaborative action with lead discussant: Dr. Jean Hartmann.
  3. Feb 13th. Discuss Large Scale Action Research Transformational Challenges with lead discussant: Dr. Derk Loorbach.
  4. Feb 27th. GULP – Global Unifying Learning Program. Discuss a transformational global “sandbox” experiment that brings action researchers to sustainability challenges (SDG goals). Lead discussants: Drs. Hilary Bradbury &  Steve Waddell.
Interested? Register now!
Expect the video link 48 hours in advance of each webinar.

All Are Welcome. Registration is FREE!