The co-conspiring methodology: An invitational approach to action research

“The co-conspiring methodology: An invitational approach to action research” walks us through the author’s own thought processes in how she tried to become part of the community in which she was participating and researching. Her thoughtful reflections and examples on what co-conspiring entails lay out a compelling imperative for other action researchers to consider as they contemplate what participation means in their own action research.”Dr. Alfredo Ortiz

Conspiring is usually seen as something negative, bringing to mind conspiracies against people, plots to overthrow governments, or days when it seems the universe is conspiring against you. But what happens when people conspire, scheme, and plot goodness in their communities? East Central Ministries (ECM) is a faith-based non-profit organization conspiring for positive social change in the international district neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1999. John Bulton, ECM’s founder and director, explains that at ECM co-conspirators are conspiring against systems of power and the systems that hold people down, doing it on the edges or fringes of society, conspiring in goodness, demonstrating what community can look like, and imagining what can be done together.

In this article, I explore what it means to be a co-conspirator through action research. I reflect on the process of building the kinds of relationships required to co-conspire effectively, and offer examples of how these relationships lead to new supportive roles for researchers engaged in community-based research. Ultimately, I invite readers to question what can happen when researchers are willing and able to open themselves up as co-conspirators.

Blog post written by Sarah De Los Santos Upton

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