CA.ART Cafe – the Climate Action ART coLAB

Facilitator-Participants: Alicia Forde, Ilaria DiStefano Hilary Bradbury

An every other week coLAB for those guiding – and wishing to guide – collaborations in response to climate challenge. 

Feeding our anxieties to creative collaborations!

Register for September 25th session. Meeting every other Monday at UTC +1 Universal time

CA.ART Cafe feeds our personal climate anxieties & grief into experiments in the spirit of Action Research Transformations so more of us may be nourished in collaboration. What about we start by having a cup of tea / coffee together?

This  coLAB  is for those who want to build horizontal collaborations among diverse actors to respond to climate crisis. For this we'll create a space to learn together and find support in our different efforts. As with all AR+ activities we are guided by the protainer guidelines to ensure we experience a brave space together.  


Our first ART cycle, we'll meet on alternating Mondays for 60-75 mins, at 6PM Universal time. Bring a beverage of your choice! Let's plan to start September 11. We'd then meet again on Sep 25th. And so on...

In our first 15 mins we’ll “arrive” in lightly guided meditative inquiry together, followed by a check in. The remaining time is for interactive ‘show and tell’ with plenty of room to share from our lives.

We'll follow a light structure provided by the choicepoints arranged in four blocks. Note the transition space between the blocks may present a good time to step away as needs be. You can always come back later!

I. Sessions 1 -3 center INTENTION. What intentions do we hold? What anxieties & grieving are we experiencing? Empowered by this deeper knowing, what would it take to step into a next, 'low hanging fruit' experiment regards climate change? 

II. Sessions 4 & 5 center STAKEHOLDERS.  Who is my community? Who else could I invite to a climate cuppa in my local community?  Who is my global community? Consider how to reach out to those you can organize with. Is there a shared intention that might align our efforts? Given our intentions what next steps might you/we take in convening, or supporting others already convened in community, around issues of climate crisis?

III. Session 6 & 7 center PARTICIPATIVE METHODS. How do we rotate between active and passive roles, to ensure that others can learn to lead as well as follow, to co-design as well as implement? How might we work with our stakeholders around our intentions? The term café suggests Juanita Brown’s work with World Café as a participative learning method.  Let’s consider which methods work best for us and also if there is value in systematic data gathering, through surveys etc

IIII. Session 8 & 9 center ACTIONABILITY. Let’s be as clear as possible about what we're up to and how.  We'll workshop places of stuckness together as well as celebrate steps taken by one another.

CA.ART Cafe coLAB is a space for a learning oriented path into a better present. We'll deepen our practice in developmental friendship to support different participants' experiments throughout. We will encourage all participants to design and host your version of a ‘climate cuppa’ with your stakeholders, e.g., family, work colleagues, students, clients, local and global. We will share techniques and principles to reduce risk and enhance the effectiveness of experiments we'll make together with stakeholders. To this we bring examples of what’s working or has required changes and adjustments. 

Participants: Those who play a role, and wish to become better, as guides in their world - and are concerned with new sources for climate action at a time of escalating eco-social crises.

This is for you if you too are getting to the point... where you’re wondering who will save us?! You might have sentiments along the lines of "we desperately need someone - politicians and others citizens more generally – to help transformations happen.” Well, we invite YOU to volunteer yourself! And in the coLAB we'll give it a go together.

Participation in all AR+ co-labs is by donation. Register at one of the big buttons below. Spaces are limited.

Donation: AR+ a non profit 501.c3 organization. Donations may be tax deductible in the USA. All work at AR+ is by donation. We do not wish anyone to have to stay away because of lack of funding. 

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