The Challenges of Capitalism for Virtue Ethics and the Common Good

This work is a cross-disciplinary academic volume that may be a helpful companion for action researchers who wish for their work to be influential in informing policy and cross disciplinary research on advancing definitions of prosperity, well-being, and human and social action that are rooted in our shared humanity and  history.

It is an important volume in that it is uniting leading economic history, continental traditions of virtue , descriptive and behavioral ethics, cultural anthropology and economics who reflect on the past and ways for increasing benevolence, wisdom, virtuous deliberation and collaboration in organizations and society.

The lead editor’s introduction (Akrivou, 2016[3]) critically explains how this prestigious volume challenges the normative and economic assumptions of capitalism, and offers new frameworks on how to restore new definitions of prosperity and well-being rooted in what it really means to be human, and relevant conceptions of human integrity and cultural and economic anthropology for the common good. 

The volume which has been published by a prestigious global publisher in the niches of economic history and behavioral and social theory inspired by the humanities (Edward Elgar) has been peer-reviewed  by global authorities in business ethics such as M. Alzola,  Professor in U.S.A. Their independent reviews (back-cover) acknowledge  its  4* status assessing the volume as “influential, …ambitious, carefully argued, … important, (and)…remarkably useful”.  There is an exclusive 35% promo discount by E. Elgar Publishing with the discount code – ‘VIP35’.