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The Challenges of Capitalism for Virtue Ethics and the Common Good

This work is a cross-disciplinary academic volume that may be a helpful companion for action researchers who wish for their work to be influential in informing policy and cross disciplinary research on advancing definitions of prosperity, well-being, and human and social action that are rooted in our shared humanity and  history. It is an important […]


RCRC is Hiring a Research Director

The Relational Coordination Research Center (RCRC) is hiring a Research Director/Senior Research Associate to help further the mission of the RCRC. They are looking for a professional with:  A PhD or DSc in social science, organizational development or similar field  A deep understanding of Relational Coordination (RC) theory, research and data analysis – or an interest […]


Action Research Healthcare in Sweden. Happier Patients, Lower Costs, Higher Quality

Action Research Healthcare in Sweden - Hilary Bradbury

Steve Waddell interviews Hilary Bradbury about a recent study she published with Svante Lifvergren, MD., Ph.D. It describes one of the best elaborated examples of action research in healthcare which Svante has been shepherded in Sweden for over a decade to great success. The transformative approach described boils down to continuous innovation in healthcare, shaped […]


A review of Lifescaping Practices in School Communities: Implementing Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry. By Rolla E. Lewis & Peg Winkelman, Routledge.

Lifescaping Practices in School Communities

Kenneth Gergen exclaims in the Foreword, “Here Rolla Lewis, Peg Winkelman, and their associates confront the emerging condition with creative daring. They offer… a rational for new forms of action, a new range of challenging practices, and useful applications of their orientation in action…. My deepest hope is that what they share within this work […]


Easing stress in residential care with older people

Having a troubled conscience is stressful. This kind of stress seriously influences care providers ability to offer good care. So it’s important to take measures to address, and relieve but preferably prevent this kind of stress. We did our participatory action research in the context of  residential care for older people. We found that using a shared problem processing […]