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Transformation can’t just be about individuals!

The co-design team reflects on our AR+T Gathering and its “lagom” Transformations. We gathered over Women’s day, March 7-10 at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. We set the intention to collaborate within, across and beyond our individual communities. Together we numbered 60 participants from 25 countries, ages 15-80. 40 met face to face, the others […]


Winter Webinar Wednesdays Harvesting

  Our AR+ Transformations Winter Wednesdays Webinar series occured in January and February. The 4 webinars helped warm up the space for our face to face Gathering. 100+ registered from around the globe. We have been uploading recordings and notes at the links below. We invite your reflections below! Transformation & Action Research discussed the […]


Consciously updating our social software. Action dialogue with Tomas Bjorkman

Serial entrepreneur Tomas Bjorkman leads the Ekskaret foundation in support of social change that emphasizes conscious personal and community development. I met Tomas through his book with Lene Andersen called the Nordic Secret.What resonated for me as an action researcher was their key idea – that personal (adult) development is the foundation of positive social change.  Moreover they […]


#MeThree Webinar with Jean Hartmann on Relational Action Inquiry

Join webinar hosts Hilary Bradbury & Steve Waddell for conversation with Dr. Jean Hartmann a member of our Gathering’s co-design team for AR+ Transformations in March at Chalmers U. Our topic:#MeThree: Inviting the unheard voices. Overview:#MeToo offers an example of huge social shift in a short time, emerging from local actions and using social media. It has much to […]