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ARTists Transforming Action Logic

Deliberately Developmental Spaces

Adult Vertical Maturity Development – a non linear spiral   Most psychologists within the field of adult development or psychological maturity aka. vertical development seem to agree: What differentiates people’s ability to make a positive difference is not philosophy, personality, or style of management. Rather, it’s internal “action logic.” This refers to patterns of sensegiving […]


Action Research for Transformations. ART Calling Educators. Free download

AR+ Transformations

Our beautiful Earth is becoming inhospitable to us. How should educators, researchers, and knowledge creators respond to this existential threat?By accepting an unpalatable truth: our mainstream approach to learning, education, and research is actively co-producing the very opposite of what we need at this time of unsustainability. Read more about the timely call to ART […]


Navigating the Darkness with an Inner Compass

Arsonists burned down the Highlander Center in Tennessee, USA.  It’s not the first time. They left a symbol of white supremacy in the ashes. We live now in a rising tide of uncivil society, rising nationalism and anti-minority/immigrant sentiment worldwide. How do we bring light to the darkness? Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks emphasized the importance […]


Bjørn Gustavsen. In Memoriam

We have just learned that Bjørn Gustavsen died recently at the age of 79. Bjørn  was a Norwegian academic and working life researcher active in Scandinavia in a career that saw significant contribution to the field of action research. Bjørn was Director of the Work Research Institute (1972–1983) and Professor at the Arbetslivscentrum in Stockholm (1986–1999), the University of Oslo (1995–1999) and in more recent years […]