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Fallback – Spring Forward. Developmental Advice from Dr. Val

Dr. Valerie Livesay is a leader in articulating and advancing the theory of adult development. Val’s research highlights just how nonlinear our journey of adult development is. Her work is about how we fall back – and spring forward – in our ability to handle complexity.  Recently I read Val’s very readable article on how […]


Reflexivity for sustainable futures: AR+ welcomes Cynthia Mitchell, UT Sydney.

I’m speaking with Distinguished Professor of Sustainability and Deputy Director Dr. Cynthia Mitchell of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney. Over the past 20 years, Cynthia’s led her group with a focus on stewarding transformations towards regenerative futures.  Cynthia is now leading a new stewarding affiliation with AR+ “for and […]


7 Quality Choicepoints for ART: Improving action research transformations

In this action-video-snippet, Hilary Bradbury introduces the 7 quality checkpoints for good Action Research transformations (ART). While hardly comprehensive we hope the overview is useful as a way to assess and develop your own action research too. Perhaps you’re considering writing up your work for publication? Then know that we use these quality choicepoints to […]


For ART’s sake. Action Research Transformations and ARJ

Choicepoints for quality are arrows toward better work

At Action Research Journal (ARJ), we have refreshed and deepened our commitment to emphasizing Action Research for Transformations (ART). Deepening commitment to ART Our commitment means that, henceforth, we’ll publish action research that is “transformative.” (Right that is not a simple matter; there is not a simple definition!).  The journal’s associate editors  – names listed […]