Bill Torbert on The Origins and Reach of Action Inquiry

Bill Torbert has made adult developmental theory useful to practitioners – his work helps scaffold leaders i.e., enabling multiple perspectives and collaborative actions.

You’re invited to join Bill Torbert in the ongoing webinar series on “The Origins and Reach of Action Inquiry” offered by Global Leadership Associates

August 19th at 11amEDT may be of particular interest…because joining Bill in introducing the theme are his colleagues and Action Inquiry Fellows:

Hilary Bradbury (Principal, Foundation AR+, renowned editor of the journal Action Research and of the 2015 edition of the Handbook of Action Research, as well as co-author with Bill Torbert of Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry and founder of Action Research+) and

Cara Miller (PhD University of San Diego, founder of Inquiry Partners, transformation coaching and consulting, collaborator with Robert Kegan, 2016-2018. She supports development “with the voice of a coach, the mind of a professor, the heart of a guide, and systems-level vision.

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