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Participative Justice

The anthropology of Alice Goffman is in the news. Her work is “crossover” territory. As a PhD student living in the inner city near U. Penn, a pretty elite university, she wrote a thesis with a novelistic quality. She speaks in the first person about getting to know the “underclass” she writes about as real […]


Zenarchy Occupy Love.

Zenarchy, the word, arrived in my mind while biking downtown today. I live in Portland where the biking is easy, (except when it’s raining, when the biking is soggy!). The main cycling artery passes along the Willamette river. The Blue Herons fish during the morning commute. Less beautiful, however, are the couple of anarchists’ encampments […]


Bill Torbert On Coaching

Bill Torbert

Bill Torbert shares his views (the video runs about 47 mins) on coaching for individual adult development. Development is seen as key for the spirit of collaboration as well as the skills needed among change agents and action researchers. This video is an introduction to a series of shorter videos that focus on specific aspects […]


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