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AR and Social Construction

I first met Ken Gergen (click here for video) when I requested a piece for the first Handbook of Action Research (way back in 1998). Ken graciously said yes and introduced us to his spouse and writing partner, co-author and feminist thinker, Mary Gergen. In their writing for the Handbook, they explained the basics of […]


Disaster resilience in a leaderless world

Our typically magnificent summer in the Northwest Pacific region is getting lost under a blanket of extreme heat.  Friends driving up the coast from California tell of the smell of smoke from wild fires raging.  But none of this is not as frightening as reading about the mother of all earthquakes that awaits us. A […]


Yay for the Handbook of Action Research 3e, 2015!

  Collaborators, colleagues and friends of action research. Time to say “YAY”! The Handbook of Action Research 3e, an entirely new and revised edition, is now available.  “Congrats,” writes Peter Reason, ” it’s a magnificent achievement.” With 80 chapters and almost 200 co-authors it provides a rich look at our multi dimensional community. Visit the […]


Participative justice and the healing arts

I mentioned the theatre work of Bruce Levitt in my last blog. His work is about moving beyond description of injustice to actually doing something that invites prisoners into relearning their dignity. The work with theatre arts in prisons near Cornell university goes further along the collaboration spectrum than most…Bruce writes: “our work was started […]


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