ART and Social Justice by Dr. Joan Walton.

Dr. Joan Walton is at the Institute for Social Justice at York St John University. We share her new paper on social justice and ART which developed from her decades experience with Bohmian Dialogue, inspired by new understandings in science of just how ephemeral life is. Can we incline this infinite potential toward social justice?

Joan explains: “As a social worker in the early part of my career, with children, young people and families, I was involved in many community-based action research projects. However, although they were of value to participants, the made little impact on existing inequalities. My sense was that, if we were to achieve greater social justice, we needed to address deeper ontological and epistemological issues, and challenge the materialistic worldview that dominates our western world. Having analysed the relationship between Newtonian science and neoliberal economics, and explored the implications of findings from quantum physics, I develop a worldview, based on the idea of a participatory consciousness, and propose possibilities arising from this for action research and social justice”…

Joan Walton interviewed Hilary Bradbury on how social justice and action research connect.  You’ll find their conversation – as a podcast in a new series –  here.