ARAMA In Brief

ARAMA is a management consulting company, specialized in design and implementation of participatory methods, providing management consultancy to private sector, governmental and non-governmental organizations. A pioneer in the use of large-scale methodologies, especially the Search Conference in Turkey and the world, ARAMA has concluded over 900 different projects.

Decision Conference, Polling Conference and Dialogue Conference are among the other participatory methodologies of ARAMA which respond to different problematiques and decision-making needs. By utilizing participatory methodologies, we are nurturing micro-democracies in and around key organizations and social systems within Turkish context.

ARAMA has accomplished several short and long term consulting projects in the fields listed below:

  • Corporate/Industry-specific strategy formulation and planning
  • Innovation strategy, business models and innovation incubators
  • Corporate culture development and implementation
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Local and regional development planning
  • Organizational design and change management
  • Greenfield university design

ARAMA’s approach is founded on Action Research principles and is based on co-designing the future of a community or an organization together with its stakeholders. ARAMA does not reproduce pre-prepared standard content; it develops the existing knowledge and transforms it into common ground and novel ground in parallel, by enabling active engagement and ownership of stakeholders.



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