AR Topic Doubt

I’m not sure whether the research I am doing is considered as a valid action research. Well, I’m still in the process of doing it though. It seem that I’m successful in my intervention and the participants did not find much difficulty to do it since they followed my instructions step by step and were very obedient and hardworking in their own effort to accomplish the given task. Thus, I would like to ask opinions from anybody here whether is my research still considered an action research, whether is it advisable I change to another topic or could continue it & how do I improve it. Thank you. -iy123

I am happy to hear you are concerned about doing good action research. As you might understand we’d have to hear more about your research (research question, context and who is involved) to know how to help in any meaningful way. I will say though that the words you have chosen to describe your work (“follow my instruction,” “obedient” etc) suggest to me that the participants are probably not participating as much as they are just reacting to your demands. Believe me, leadership is key, but leadership must be about involving others and creating conditions for others contribution to be added to the sum of the whole. So if an essence of action research is to convene participants in shaping and manifesting the desired change, we’d need to know – what is that change? Who is it desired by? How do the participants feel emancipated in this process? If they are just asked to be obedient it sure isn’t fun and it’s probably not action research. Then again it might be your choice of vocabulary is just off…I do encourage you to read more accounts of action research. Why not take a look at the many blogs posts on this site that tell about well developed action research studies. I suspect you will be left with a desire to talk with your participants and see if a “team” can be convened from your efforts to date. From that perhaps an action research project may yet emerge! Good luck! -Hilary Bradbury

any way have advantage and disadvantage, u should use the basic purpose which you want to. U can takl detail to have useful advice? – milo299