AR+ Organizing (Sustainable) Futures Co-lab

Co-Stewards: Marina Apgar, Steve Waddell, Hilary Bradbury

We are an emerging community of inquiry/practice for those interested in supporting new ways of organizing to meet the challenges of our times. This includes facilitating transformations of our social, economic and political systems for a more sustainable future on the planet. We connect this sustainable future also to growing more democratic organizing in the contemporary work arena. Our action research emphasis means that we bring reflection and action cycles together to develop our work of “liberating” a more sustainable world. Each participant brings an action research project. We cohere the divergent content of our projects with a converging focus on what helps us progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Organizing (Sustainable) Futures - Action Research

                                                We meet on third Tuesdays of the month, by video, at 08.00 AM pacific/16.00 London.

A) Bjorn Uldall and Peter Brownell discuss how “the practice (of future organizing through action research] is about “always learning.”  This learning is so often about overthrowing the power of “memory and hierarchy” i.e., how we have always done things. Our in Future Organizing is how do we become more aware that we created these organizational processes in the first place – perhaps unconsciously! And encouraging –usually through after action review– a new consciousness of what might serve better.  In turn this allows us to better serve our  stakeholders.

Peter Brownell is a lapsed artist, working at the intersection of humanity and technology.. He has always been obsessed with how people work together to make things happen – in a way that does not simply make them another resource to be consumed. Over the last 20 years he’s learned “agile” practices on the ground, building and running a number of different software teams. He tries hard not to be a work-a-holic, has recently discovered he may actually be an introvert, and aspires to become a gardener.

Kent Glenzer and Marina Apgar talk about replacing the dominant “logic framework” of the development world with a social learning and organizing model – from action research- to ramp up the speed and quality of ongoing learning about what’s working and not working in an organizing project. This is where future organizing and the world of development meet.

JOIN US in co-design!

AR+ a non profit 501.c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible in the USA.
Scholarships are available upon request and mutual agreement.
No one will be turned away for want of funding. Contact Hilary if you need to discuss.

The suggested donation for participation is $250 per cohort/program.

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