AR+ Stewards

AR+ is supported and stewarded by a select group of institutions around the world in which action oriented research and learning is practiced. A stewarding institution connects with the AR+ ecosystem in a 'win-win' fashion. Organizational champions of action research from each stewarding institution engage with peers from other institutions in service of current and future programs, faculty and larger experiments with action research. We look especially to sync up efforts across institutions.

A key focus of the stewarding group is the practice of designing and stewarding the AR+ Co-labs, which are opportunities to cross pollinate principles of Action-oriented Research for Transformations and the specific concerns of a stewarding entity within a global peer group.  

Additionally a stewarding institution may offer a rotating home to AR+ as a way to bring benefit to their local stakeholders. Being a part of the AR+ ecosystem becomes, in this instance, a pretext for having workshops and gatherings of faculty and other institutional stakeholders in support of their action researching vision.  Chalmers University was the first to offer an international home to AR+ and the space for our first global gathering.

When stewards rotate away from the role of co-steward they join the growing "Friends of AR+" consortium. We are better together!

Inviting: We welcome Institutional Members to join us from anywhere in the world in which action research is supported organizationally.

AR Stewards

Founding Organizations in 2016 comprised: Action Research Journal/ARJ (Portland, USA), Center for Healthcare Improvement at Chalmers Institute (SWE); IDS at U. Sussex (UK), ARAMA, (Istanbul), Center for Agro-ecology, Water and Resilience (UK), The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (USA), Royal Roads University (CAN), De LaSalle University, Manila, (PHIL), Horizons Integral (Oregon, USA), SDG Transformations forum (Boston, USA), Pueblo Critico (PR), Institute for Integral Studies (GER).

Stewards convene quarterly, Online and F2F

Register and Donate

AR+ a non profit 501.c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible.
Scholarships are available upon request and mutual agreement.
No one will be turned away for want of funding. Contact Hilary to discuss. 

The suggested annual donation is $5000 per institution.

Founding Organizational Stewards

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