CoLAB facilitators: Drs. Alastair Wyllie, Cynthia Mitchell and Ruth Förster with Hilary Bradbury.

 Welcome ARTists seeking community. The AMICABLE coLAB welcomes change leader-facilitators in the mood for self replenishment, a little fun and reflective conversation. 

This quarterly circle interweaves a creative combination of content (“an ARTist’s movie-book-poetry club”) and learning processes (“catching up with yourself and your work”). Facilitated in support of continuous learning at our developmental edge. Supporting mutual personal and professional sensemaking and development through participative peer discussion and learning.

                                                In this space we get to know one another through each other’s practice. 

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  • Two  75 minutes blocks, with a generous break in between. Stay for all 180 mins, terrific. Or duck out between.
    • Thursday March 31st  2022 @UTC 19.00 - i.e., noon San Francisco;
    • Tuesday June 7th, 2022 @ UTC 1900 - i.e., noon San Francisco;
    • Thursday Sep 8th 2022 @ UTC 12.00 - i.e., 5AM San Francisco;
    • Monday, Dec 5th  2022 @ UTC 8PM - i.e., noon San Francisco;

Quarterly Session Description.

Each session comprises 2 X 75 mins blocks.

#1 Block. Being inspired by each other: Our facilitators kick off the conversation exploring this session’s source of inspiration (e.g. a movie, a book, some poetry, …), with which all participants have engaged beforehand. Our focus is primarily on the relevance for our practice as ARTists.

#2 Block. Inspiring ourselves: We engage in a peer-coaching-practice circle, inviting focus on a key issue of ARTist practice emerging from this session’s source of inspiration, e.g., accessing high quality feedback; working with participant vulnerability; engaging a next circle of stakeholders.

Those who register are encouraged to suggest attractors for peer learning conversations, be they aspects of your work or old/new materials (books, movies, poems) or embodied, participative practices for mutual edification. The sweet spot we seek is creative works that encourage and scaffold transformation in the world at large at the same time as encouraging and scaffolding internal reflexivity and self care. That is, we voyage through works/experiences that hold strong implications for our practice and that are intellectually and spiritually engaging.

Cynthia and Alastair share their motivation for hosting and what they are each most looking forward to. We all agree that this is one helluva sophisticated and valuable club that we are inviting people to 🙂

Action Research Co-lab

We are hopeful that in aMICAble meetings, we will also turn the camera on ourselves as an AR+ community. In other words, we’ll walk the talk using this shared space for progressing our experimentation together.

This video snippet offers a taste of AR+ community gathering.


So you have a taster of our movie club. We started our first AMICABLE with the movie Infinite Potential. All individually reviewed it in advance.  It's about quantum physicist David Bohm whose physics gave rise to the practice of dialogue and more recently, to circling. It was very interesting to look more closely at the connection between "new" science and the ART orientation. We recommend it! The Directors Cut is available and includes Leroy Little Bear amongst others:

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TUBS Scholarships are available upon request and mutual agreement.
No one will be turned away for want of funding.

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