Action Research that includes policy makers





We often hear that action research remains too local, too small scale.  A million dollar question is how and when do we bring the decision makers in. How does policy get made based on the action research?  Ideally combining fruitful relations with policy actors with a counter-hegemonic role? These questions are addressed by a recently published special issue in the International Journal of Action Research. Julia Wittmayer, Miren Larrea and Koen Bartels brought action researchers around the world to share their experience of engaging policy makers.  Their work resulted in a special issue for the International Journal of Action Research.  

It’s Titled ‘Action Research, Policy and Politics’, the special issue explores action research as part of the policy making process: its benefits and pitfalls. It comes with exciting contributions by Simon De Muynck, Dominique Nalpas, Hilary Bradbury, Xabier Barandiaran, Málovics György, Boglárka Méreiné-Berki, Melinda Mihály and Rebecca Santos.

The editorial is a good read! Read the full editorial and get a view of the whole issue here