Action Research Texts

One of our AR Facebook readers has asked for recommendations on the best introductory AR texts. Would you please share what you think are some of the best texts for beginning AR? What do you like? What is still needed? – Dusty Columbiae

You might find useful the introductory texts on action research available free from the homepage of Jack Whitehead

I can recommend the site that Jack Whitehead suggested in the previous message. And all of the books that he and Jean McNiff have created are excellent. I use You and your action action research project which has had many printings. Jean McNIff also has some books she has authored alone and lots of great resources on her own website. I have been creating a set of tutorials that I think of as an online interactive book on action research. You can find these at They are part of the resources found at the Center for Collaborative Action Research ( And please think of becoming a member of the Action Research Network of the Americas ( and join one of the interest groups. -mriel

Hi all – I’d agree with Margaret and Jack. Plus, you might enjoy Ernie Stringer’s “Action Research” and subsequent publications. If you don’t know Ernie, see (also posted on ActionResearchPlus by Dusty Columbia, but you may have missed it). It prompted me to post that I wonder if Ernie could be described as Australia’s Freire.- fergpip