Action research to support the integration of social media in the classroom

“I’m excited for this piece because it begins adding to the body of works with social media and technology in both learning environments and using an action research approach. The authors tell a clear story that will be useful to educators and action researchers outside of the field of education because this manuscript highlights changes in paradigms for teachers and students developing and using the social approaches to learning that are instrumental in action research (Dusty Columbia Embury, Associate Editor).”

students desks with icons for twitter, facebook, and instagram in the student seatsIn this article we reflect on the action research process used in our investigation of integrating social and participatory media were to the face-to-face classroom. We addressed pedagogical and curricular changes created, negotiated, reflected upon and documented as new media were incorporated into 13 classes, over an 18-month period, in an Australian public high school.

We also discuss the change in thinking and mindset for the teacher that came about from this participatory attempt to meet the school demands of a one electronic device per student program.

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Abstract summary provided on behalf of the authors Gail Casey and Terry Evans