Action Research involves Stakeholders to an issue – you too!

AR+ curator Dr. Hilary Bradbury gives an example of ART in the real world with her project at the Port of Los Angeles. Bringing different leaders from the supply chain that intersects at the Port together they experimented with decarbonizing the supply chain.  They started with minimize fossil fuel use in transportation. Hilary explains how the stakeholders came together to help each other and create a better system. She also details how this project expanded across the world. It even helped inspire healthcare transformation work at Chalmers University in Sweden–bringing together patients, physicians, and refugees in order to figure out how to design and experiment with a more sustainable and less clinic centric healthcare system.
“The key point is about how to involve to learn together? It looks like a lot of us coming together, empowering multiple perspectives, creating a more transformative kind of knowledge creation.”