Action Research Healthcare in Sweden. Happier Patients, Lower Costs, Higher Quality

Action Research Healthcare in Sweden - Hilary Bradbury

Steve Waddell interviews Hilary Bradbury about a recent study she published with Svante Lifvergren, MD., Ph.D.

It describes one of the best elaborated examples of action research in healthcare which Svante has been shepherded in Sweden for over a decade to great success. The transformative approach described boils down to continuous innovation in healthcare, shaped around evidence of what works and co-designed with healthcare providers and patients together. At the heart of the healthcare action research ‘learning by doing.’

Results suggest that the action research approach is particularly relevant when treating patients with chronic diseases and complex care needs. This inclusion is itself a social learning process and is key to realizing the improved outcomes. Insights from objective quantitative studies are balanced with personal and inter-subjective dialogue that aligns different parts of a system in a movement toward improvement.

Close-up non-defensive self inquiry in the company of colleagues, with trust dynamics building over time, may be a key point of leverage for such systemic improvement activities. Listen in…

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