Action Research for Territorial Development: A Collective Experiment

Dr. Miren Larrea and colleagues at Orkestra, are editing a book. Your collegial input and co-production is invited.

Dr. Miren Larrea of Orkestra, Basque Region of Spain

Miren and colleagues at Orkestra work with colleagues across three regions of the world: the Basque Country (Spain), Agder (Norway) and Rafaela and Tierra de Fuego (Argentina). Orkestra is part of the AR+ stewarding community.

Their work, developed in a previous volume, is referred to as ACTION RESEARCH FOR TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT. Building on the previous work, they seek to give it roots and wings by inviting a larger global collective to APPROPRIATE AND SHARE.

That’s how you get to be invited! Miren and colleagues are calling for a collaborative appropriation of their action research.

Those who contribute with a one page reflection about how any of the chapters- described below – resonates with your experiences with AR – is invited to join in and learn more about many aspects of their innovative participative policy development: from how to involve doctoral students, to how to work in a transnational virtual collaboration.

In sum, the “big” idea is that Orkestra book becomes, in its writing, an example of the very co-production being described, namely ACTION RESEARCH FOR TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT.

At the link below you will see a brief overview of several chapters. The invitation to you is to 1) find the chapter that speaks to you, 2) check out the one minute video clip, 3) follow up directly with the author of that chapter by email with your reflection…it’s that simple.

Needless to say we find that learning more how to strengthen the link between action research projects and policy is key at a time when we need to elevate our efforts and connect them up through different bio regions.

The book has 10 working chapters, each with a “Root” and a “Wing.” A root refers to the reflection by each member of Miren’s team. A wing is the invitation to a member of the wider AR+ community to engage and then describe the co-generative learning in completing the chapter.

You can read about each of the 10 chapter roots below. Or view the short video clips all in one go.

For questions about the project overall, be in touch with Miren directly:

Check out the details of the ARTD chapters. Be in touch with the authors if you’re called to be a co-inquirer or, perhaps, a co-author or a participant in the related policy making webinar.