Action research for multi-level facilitation of improvement in health and social care: Development of a change facilitation approach for a local R&D unit

Abstract on behalf of Johan Hansson, Elisabet Höög, and Monica Nyström

medsweden-copyThis paper reports an action research program designed to develop new approaches for a locally based Swedish R&D unit’s task to facilitate improvement in partner organizations, and to provide guidance on how to manage challenges in action research programs focusing on development in health and social care. Data were gathered from interviews with R&D members’, managers representing the two embedded pilot cases, as well as from the lead action researchers. Key findings were the need to continually monitor and revise the action research plan and that each step should be given specific weights based on the conditions at hand. As the action program evolved the participants were given autonomy to take action in the partner organizations and the role of the action researchers became advisory and consultative. These findings accentuate the emergent nature of action research and the need for flexible and dynamic intervention planning, especially when multiple level actors and several organizations are involved. Based on these findings we discuss some implications for the action researcher’s role and how similar programs can be designed to manage change in complex health and social care systems reaching various stakeholders at many levels.

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