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Dear Action Researchers,

Have you noticed that our new AR+ website has been refreshed? We wanted to make it easier to locate and share popular resources on good action research you can find the website at
We hope you enjoy the changes and share it with your students, your colleagues and anyone interested in this collaborative approach to transformative knowledge creation!
Our regular blog posts share some of the best action research from around the world… we invite all action researchers to join the conversation.

We’ve also added a new blog thread called “WAKING” dedicated to today’s intersectional issues, e.g.

WAKING Climate Change Action Research.

AR+ Knowledge Action Democracy Co-lab

The AR+ knowledge action democracy co-lab started its second year with an increase in the number of global institutions ‘accomplishing more together than alone.’ We’re particularly pleased to include Manilla based DeLaSalle University.

We organize in “co-labs” (AR+ Healthcare, AR+ Education/Teaching, AR+ Organizing Futures, AR+ Relational Action Inquiry [RAIR]) .

Happily we’ll publish our collective stories of action research in the upcoming Alchemists’ Cookbook of Action Research. Each story invites readers to “do this at home,” and welcomes those interested into a co-lab/community of inquiry-practice.

Our co-labs are spaces for transformational work, they’re convivial spaces, relational spaces that balance between agency and community, helping to avoid the dulling of the radical spirit of transformation that many of us carry. More Information

AR+ RAIR 2.0 Co-lab
Relational Action Inquiry Research RAIR continues with its second co-lab. Future co-labs filling into 2018.
Action Research Journal

Coming in March: Special Issue on Development, Aid and Social Transformation.

We are excited to announce our first issue of 2017 is our Special Issue on “Development, Aid and Social Transformation.” Here are some sneak previews.

Our authors tackle some of the world’s most intractable problems: impending destruction of coastal livelihoods due to climate change; gender inequality and poverty; intergenerational inequity; violence against young women; and capturing gains from a globalizing economy while deepening social capital and promoting respect for local culture and history (see article profiles here).

Special Issue editors Kent Glenzer and Alfredo Ortiz have invited short responses from the Development Community to seed conversations across institutional boundaries.

The Special Issue highlights stories of methodological innovation through participatory forms of action learning and research. The accounts tell of problematic patterns of interaction meaningfully shifted with each study focusing on what works – what makes a positive difference – while specifying challenges, hurdles, and failures encountered along the way. We hope to have helped “untame” Action Research in planned Aid.


– Lots of upcoming Action Research meetings from Cartegena to Dundee

– New Writing from Peter Reason

Participatory Research in more-than-human worlds is a boundary-busting collection that asks an excitingly hard question—can members of a more-than-human world engage in truly participatory research?

– New (Lifescaping!) Practices in School Communities

Lifescaping Practices in School Communities is an informative new resource that introduces readers to an eco-relational approach to systems change. The Participatory Inquiry Process and the 4-R Relational Wellness approaches to action research described in the text may be applied to schools, organizations, and community change efforts.

– New Healthcare Transformation.“Action Research Healthcare in Sweden. Happier Patients, Lower Costs, Higher Quality – Hilary Bradbury and Steve Waddell”

This AR+ Videologue is about the work led by Dr. Svante Lifvergren. It describes one of the best elaborated examples of action research in healthcare which Svante has been shepherded in Sweden for over a decade to great success.

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