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Around the table with policymakers: Giving voice to children in contexts of poverty and deprivation

Increasingly, children are seen as social actors who are knowledgeable about issues that concern their lives, both in research and policymaking. However, this approach is not without challenges, particularly in relation to sensitive topics like poverty. One key challenge relates to how to involve children effectively so that their stories are actually listened to and […]


Engagement as transformation: Learnings from a tourism development project in Dunga by Lake Victoria, Kenya

Participatory tourism development projects are considered effective and democratic since they engage people in interactive learning processes that change individuals and societies. In order to be transformative, a relational and social process must be achieved, which challenges prior knowledge and beliefs. The purpose of this article is to explore engagement as a transformative feature of […]


Reflections on an insightful, yet challenging, quantitative observation method

Think about action research for a minute. Can you name action research studies that have drawn upon quantitative methods? Personally, I can’t name more than one or two. In fact, although several specialized handbooks suggest that action research is not reserved to qualitative researchers, the use of quantitative methods is limited, and reflections on this […]


Partner development praxis: The use of transformative communication spaces in a community-academic participatory action research effort in a Mexican ethnic enclave in Chicago

    “It’s about changing the way we DO public health” explained a community partner in describing the Little Village Participatory Community Health Assessment (LVCHA). “This IS public health” offered a student partner using a well known slogan from the American Public Health Association to broaden what we think is public health and name non-traditional activities. […]


Public facility design for sustainability: Participatory action research on household recycling in Hong Kong

While many researchers have pointed out that public design can increase users’ sustainable practices, how to achieve good public designs is challenging. To explore the current public design barriers and solutions to household recycling in Hong Kong, our research group, in collaboration with two Caritas Community Centres, adopted participatory action research, including questionnaires, interviews, nonparticipant […]

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