Cooking with Action Research

Cooking with Action Research:
Stories and Resources for Self and Community Transformation

Cooking with Action Research Book

We are delighted to bring you pre-launch praise for the Action Research Cookbook.

The Cookbook (Launching August) along with the Resource Guide (Launching September) shares from inside the world of Action Research insight, clarity and examples. It shows how and why this orientation to inquiry helps create a more just and sustainable world.

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With internationally flavored recipes from The Philippines, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, New Zealand and Global Action Networks -- as well as a range of voices from large-scale third-person projects, to probing second-person conversational exchanges, to the revelations of first-person self-study -- this book conveys the true challenges of the actual practice of action research. Each recipe is unique. Give them a taste! And then create your own recipes!"

David Coghlan
Emeritus Professor. Author: Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization

The AR+ “Cookbook” subtly and through a diversity of topics and cases ranges across action research approaches to problems that truly matter and presents processes that enable the stakeholders to create solutions that truly work. There is striking coherence here in the way action research unlock frozen and counterproductive organizations.

Lurking in the background are Aristotle, Vico, James, Pierce, Dewey, Lewin, Trist, Freire, Fals Borda and Foote Whyte and many others. Action research is not new. We have long known how to improve human situations and make organizational life fairer and more tolerable. Despite that, these chapters tell us that most of the organizations we deal with are poorly organized and inhumane. The cookbook shows that this is not how life must be lived. It is only how life gets lived when power and resources are concentrated in the hands of the few and the legitimate stakeholders are excluded.​

Davydd J. Greenwood
Emeritus Professor. Author: Introduction to Action Research

Neophytes and experienced practitioners alike will find challenging ideas, guidelines for practice and inspiration in this new collection of writing on action research. It is exciting to see how this field continues to develop in so many diverse fields of practice and addresses key issues for our times.

Peter Reason PhD
Emeritus Professor. Co-Editor: Handbook of Action Research

A much-needed addition to the action research literature with insights that counter the soul-destroying institutional imperatives ever more evident in modern social life. A testimony to the very human processes, the need for authentic connection, in effective action research.

Ernie Stringer 
Professor Emeritus. Author: Action Research in Education

Compliments to the chef and the international kitchen in sharing how the core ingredients of action research – participation, action, research, transformation and reflexivity – provide a rich array of ingredients and accounts of practice from different settings. As it is for all cooks, the challenge now is to create our own recipes from our own mixing of these ingredients and deliver the nourishment of participation and transformation in our universe.

Bill Torbert
Emeritus Professor. Author: Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership

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Cooking with Action Research